Vermillion Soul is the most recent body of work for Soo Rye Yoo. This series welcomes us into the artist's world through the eyes of the Dream Bird, as seen in her previous work. Soo Rye Yoo's rich and dense application of paint opens itself to quieter moments, often resting on words collaged from newspaper and magazine clippings.

A certian serenity is contained within these words and through them the textures of the abstract elements take focus.

The use of Warm yellows and cadmium shines brihgtest in these new works. She believes that through these colors she is able to bring renewal and warmth into the viewer's life.

This relationship between the artist and the audience is very important to her and stems from the relationship she maintains with the world around her; always pulling from the love and hope delivered through each new experience.

Soo Rye Yoo copyright © 2015

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